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Your Outsourced IT Professionals

Since 1971, Shiloh has provided a comprehensive maintenance service, including all parts, labor, and travel. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and quick response has built Shiloh into one of the region’s largest computer service providers. What you may not know is how much more Shiloh has to offer. From guidance and recommendations, to providing IT   professionals for that special project, Shiloh is your partner in establishing the computer systems and applications essential to your success.

At Shiloh, we evaluate your company’s needs and offer solutions tailored to your budget, even providing remote management of many daily computer hassles.  Contact us today to learn more.

Ad Hoc Personnel

Your company prides itself on an internal IT department, one that handles almost any emergency or project with ease. But business is growing, making new demands on the network infrastructure, pushing your people to their limit. Then the news comes: you’ve lost a key employee to sick leave for an indefinite period. What do you do?

Shiloh is ready to provide the IT personnel you need. Whether it is an add-on or administrative project, or to fill in during a temporary absence, Shiloh’s qualified technicians are well-versed in LAN and WAN technologies, database applications and reporting, network security and backup, domain name registration, email accounts, anti-virus, hardware and software installation, PC maintenance and more.Whatever your needs, Shiloh’s experienced IT staff is ready and available to do more than the traditional service call. We want to help your business succeed.

Evaluating Needs

Shiloh’s free Business Computing Needs Analysis provides a complete audit of all your company’s computerized functions. It includes specific hardware and software recommendations, along with estimates for the purchase or lease of needed systems. The analysis includes a professional follow-up, reviewing your company’s needs and pointing out ways to head off computer problems. Call on Shiloh to save you time, money, and frustration, while bringing your company up to pace with today’s IT challenges.

Remote Management

It’s morning at the office, the coffee is brewing, and before you can reach for a donut someone informs you that virus warnings have begun to pop-up everywhere. Norton AntiVirus has gone through its routines, but this is a bad bug and the attempt to quarantine has failed. Even this would not be a problem, if someone had not panicked and clicked the wrong choice on a dialog box before Norton could delete the intruder. Is the virus gone or in hiding?

You call Shiloh. The technicians at Shiloh access your system remotely using a secure, web-based browser. They examine the virus warnings and anti-virus activity logs, assuring you that the software has worked and your system is clean.

“On average, we use our ability to remotely manage problems on a daily basis,” said Alan Halula, Shiloh’s Senior Field Technician. “It saves customers a lot of service calls. Typical issues we deal with include: finding and restoring needed backup files, troubleshooting virus warnings, dealing with lost passwords, updating printer drivers, freeing up resources when networks are overloaded, and even helping customers as far away as Canada with software installations.”

Providing comprehensive maintenance, training, skilled personnel, system evaluations, and remote management of problems, Shiloh can be the one service company you rely on to keep our business moving forward.

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