Premier Maintenance

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Shiloh’s Premier Service Plan offers all the benefits of our Basic Maintenance Plan, plus ultimate peace of mind.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Solution

Shiloh’s Premier maintenance offering gives you all the benefits of our Basic Maintenance Plan, plus ultimate peace of mind.  Never pay another service bill outside of your contract!

  • Unlimited IT customer support to solve your problems.
  • Computer solutions with no extra charges!
  • Scheduled on-site maintenance visits which are fully customized to suit your needs.
  • All parts, labor, and travel costs for computer service, repairs, or maintenance.

Where the coverage of our basic maintenance plan is limited to hardware and operating system problems, our premier plan is comprehensive.

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Our Premier Maintenance Plan includes:

All the benefits of our Basic Plan, plus no labor costs for additional services such as:

  • Virus & spyware protection, including assurance of proper updates and smooth continuing operation and remediation of viruses on infected computer hardware.
  • Application service support. Shiloh acts as your in house IT department and works with your application vendor to resolve tough issues with computer software quickly.
  • Budgeted network solutions, including repair and integration services. Shiloh will replace free of labor charges any existing computers or addition of new computers to the network. You pay only for the new equipment.
  • Keeping your systems up to date.  We handle updates for your Operating System and major computer software. Many of today’s updates are security related and essential to keeping your system vulnerability low.
  • Remote IT Customer Support allows Shiloh technicians to log into your network and fix problems remotely, which means many issues can be solved more quickly than the travel time between our office and yours!
  • Monitoring of backup hardware and backup software,  to assure the safety of your critical data.

Protect Your Valuable Data!

Computers are becoming less expensive, problems are not.  In fact, the cost of responding to today’s computer disasters, from viruses and spyware to Windows corruption and hard drive failures can sometimes exceed the value of the equipment being serviced.

Even if you replace your computer hardware, your new workstation must be integrated into your network.  In addition, Internet and email services must be reestablished and other relevant programs installed.

A Premier Services plan facilitates the necessary changes.

When you think about it, there is no alternative to good maintenance. Proactive maintenance that prevents downtime is the least costly solution to today’s complex IT issues.

We Fix Problems Before You Are Aware of Them

Most importantly, with Shiloh’s Premier Service Plan, we fix problems before you are even aware of them, before they result in the kind of downtime that costs you money. It’s a proactive approach to computer system maintenance that you cannot afford to miss out on.

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