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Looking for IT technical support?

Shiloh has been providing IT and technical services to the Pittsburgh area since 1971, even before the PC revolution!  Today, we offer:

  • The latest in computer network solutions, file servers, and support.
  • Backup solutions, including reliable backup systems and backup software.
  • Durable computer hardware backed up by outstanding support contracts.
  • Computer repairs, anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions.
  • Shared internet access and shared faxing solutions. VPN, terminal services, remote management, and more.

Contact Shiloh today to receive a free on-site consultation from an IT Support Specialist. We’ll work with you to customize a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

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Our recommendations are based on your needs… Not our desire to sell you a particular brand!

Network Solutions and File Servers

A computer network allows all of your computers to communicate with one another, share information effectively, maintain a solid organizational structure, and provide for reliable data backup.

Our goal isn’t to sell a cookie-cutter system, it’s to understand your business and establish the custom solution that works best for you.

Comprehensive One Year On-Site Warranty

All Parts, Labor and Travel are Included, along with:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostics
  • One Hour Phone Response from Your Shiloh Technician
  • On-Site Response within 8 Business Hours
  • Instantaneous Network Phone Support from Your Shiloh Network Engineer
  • Priority 4 Hour On-Site Response for Network Servers Free Loaner Equipment.

VPN, Terminal Services, and Remote Management

With a Virtual Private Network, your company can establish secure connections to your network for employees working from home or managers in the field.  Work form anywhere you have Internet access.

Remote Administration

As a part of our maintenance plans, Shiloh can service and maintain your network remotely, constantly monitoring to reduce the chance of network errors and equipment failures.

Email Configuration and Support

Shiloh configures your email to your specific needs. Manage your email from Microsoft Outlook, or work with a smartphone or a tablet.  Access your email from home.  We'll help you understand what's possible and what will work best for you.

Antivirus Setups

Setup the antivirus and forget it. Shiloh configures your antivirus to update automatically.

Printing Solutions

Shiloh helps you decide what printing solutions best fits your business. Should you take advantage of a duplex printer to cut your paper consumption in half? Should you share one fast printer on your network rather than purchase two separate printers? Shiloh can help you find the answers.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat allows users to easily convert Word documents to PDF format (Portable Document Files).  These can be emailed or published to websites.  They can also be archived electronically to save print costs and document storage space.