Evaluating Your Computer Systems

The demands of your business change every day. Quicker turnaround, more record keeping, expanded customer base, new employees: all present increased challenges to your computer systems. Can you keep pace?

Expert Advice

For businesses without an in-house computer staff, PC frustration can be a way of life. Neglected or haphazardly upgraded systems lead to downtime and lost revenue. The Information Technology professionals at Shiloh Service can help.

Since 1971, Shiloh has built a reputation as the tri-state area’s premier computer service provider. “We can analyze your company’s computing needs,” says Gerald Halula, Shiloh’s Regional Sales Manager, “helping you see where you are today, where you need to be tomorrow, and helping you get there. In fact, we do it for free.”

Shiloh’s free Business Computing Needs Analysis provides a complete audit of your company’s computerized functions. It includes specific hardware and software recommendations, along with estimates for the purchase or lease of needed systems and applications. The analysis is timely, completed within 48 hours after a visit from one of Shiloh’s business computing specialists.

A professional follow-up to review the documentation is provided, though there is no obligation to purchase. “For your time, you’ll find the analysis interesting and useful,” concludes Gerald Halula. “It can help you head off computer problems, showing you ways in which Shiloh can save you time, money, and frustration.” With more than 1,000 corporate customers and over three decades of service, Shiloh has the experience you need. With the offer of a free Business Computing Needs Analysis, taking advantage of Shiloh Service’s expertise has never been easier.

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