Do You Need a Network?

Implementing a computer network for a small business can significantly enhance productivity and collaboration among staff. It allows seamless file sharing, streamlined communication, and coordinated workflow, minimizing time spent on redundant tasks. Moreover, a well-structured network provides robust security measures, protecting sensitive data and intellectual property. Additionally, it facilitates remote work, offering flexibility to employees and business continuity in unforeseen circumstances. Thus, it’s an essential investment in the digital age for a small business’s growth and sustainability.

If you have more than one PC in your organization, you should be looking at a Network as one option, even if it’s just to share a high end printer or to coordinate backup of critical company data.

“People have heard horror stories about Networks and assume that there is always something going wrong and that they come with a high cost,” says Gerry Halula, Shiloh Service Sales Manager. “But it just isn’t true,” asserts Gerry. Many people experience problems when they haven’t thought out their full Network needs or if they try to put one together using odds and ends from several different companies.

At Shiloh, we work with a number of hardware and software companies so we know what equipment is compatible with each other. We can help you save money by often incorporating your existing equipment into a new system.

When we first meet with you we’re going to ask you questions like: Are you going to share printers? What kind of operating system will you need? How many people/stations will be on the Network? What type of software are you running, is it networkable? What are your security needs? Do you have relocation or remodeling plans in the near future? With a full understanding of what you want to accomplish, Shiloh Service will make a customized recommendation for your company.

In 5 to 10 working days, your company can be enjoying the advantages of a network. Just follow this step-by step checklist.

  • Call Shiloh Service at (724) 863-0190 and set up a meeting with Gerry Halula, Sales Manager, to discuss your network needs. He or another salesperson will visit your work site and help you plan your network.
  • Shiloh Service will make a proposal recommending hardware and software needs. They’ll outline the cost of installation and even look at the ways you can use your present equipment in the new network configuration.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, Shiloh will schedule a time for installation. Installation typically takes anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days.
  • Plan 2 or 3 revisits by Shiloh Service Field Representatives to answer questions and to resolve any software or hardware details.
  • Enjoy a problem-free Network with the advantages of a Shiloh Service Maintenance Agreement. If there is a problem, we’re just a phone call away and many problems can be solved through the use of a modem. We’ll be there within four hours of your call if a fileserver is involved and within 8 hours for all other problems.
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