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Welcome to the common questions page at Shiloh Service.  At Shiloh, we offer network integration, computer sales and repair, IT consulting services and more.  We’re even your one-stop source for laser printer repair and great prices on printer toner cartridges.  Contact Shiloh today!


I don't have a network. How do I know if I need one or if it is cost effective?

If you have a need to share data (documents, pictures, spreadsheets), share internet access, or share expensive equipment (such as a color laser printer or a duplexing printer), a network is the answer you’re looking for.  At Shiloh, we specialize in network integration - the art of finding the right combination of hardware and software that meets your specific needs in a cost-effective way.

Contact Shiloh Service, Inc. today to meet with a qualified IT support technician.

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What happens if I need help after my new computer hardware and software is installed?

We understand that everyone isn't a computer tech!  Shiloh IT Customer Support works with you to help you understand your new or existing network. New users frequently call in as they need help with issues they do not see every day.

We often solve problems using Remote Support or with a short service call. With a service contract you receive immediate response.  All of our sales include a one-year service agreement.

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How quickly do you respond when my network fails or I can't get email?

With a Shiloh service agreement, we respond to problems with your file server within 4 business hours.  For problems with a workstation or printer we will be onsite within 8 business hours.

If you do not have a service agreement with a vendor, it is much more difficult to get fast service when your equipment fails.   Learn more about our Basic Maintenance Plan and Premier Maintenance Plan.

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What brands of computer hardware and peripherals does Shiloh carry?

Shiloh Service, Inc. carries many of the major brands including AOpen, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Okidata, Intel, Cisco and many more manufacturers.

We sell the computers, computer peripherals (modems,  mice, monitors), computer upgrades, laptops, printers, networking equipment, and software that you need to run your office as effectively as your budget allows.  Call Shiloh Service, Inc. at 724-863-0190 for more information.

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Do you sell computer software too?

Shiloh Service, Inc. sells software packages from major suppliers like Symantec, Microsoft - Word, Excel, Access, ExpressionWeb -  and other word processor, spreadsheet, and database applications.

Shiloh Service, Inc. does not sell accounting software or custom software applications. However,  Shiloh Service, Inc. does partner with other reliable companies in the industry that offer these products and services.   Call Shiloh Service, Inc. if accounting or custom software us your concern and we can discuss your needs and guide you in your decision.

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Does Shiloh provide printer repair services?

Where in Pittsburgh can you turn for printer repair services?  Don't worry, the experts at Shiloh Service know laser printer repair.

Generally, LaserJet printers are repairable. Prices for laser jets start at over $400.00. The cost to repair these units are generally less than the cost. These printers are usually very dependable and last a long time. A repair is generally a sign that the printer may be approaching the end of its useful life.

If  an inkjet printer needs repair, it is usually a different story.  It can cost as little as $50.00 or $60.00 to replace a printer that cost you several hundred dollars a few years ago.  In most cases these printers are not worth repairing. The end user may consider returning the printer to the manufacture and receiving a fixed repair cost.

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Does Shiloh sell printer toner cartridges?

Yes, Shiloh is an excellent source for your printer toner cartridges.  Our relationships with manufacturers allow us to meet Pittsburgh’s toner cartridge needs at very reasonable prices.

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How important is a backup?

Shiloh Service, Inc. recommends full and complete backups daily. With a Shiloh configured network we will point all of the data files back to a central location so that everybody's data is backed up onto a single shared tape backup.

Your company may also be concerned with backing up individual user's PCs.  We can set up your backup to take care of these issues as well and make you aware of special concerns with backing up individual PCs.  Call Shiloh Service at 724-863-0190 to discuss your options.

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What are the benefits of faxing from our computer network?

Faxing directly from a computer network can save paper costs and allow users to have a permanent record of the fax.  It allows users to route faxes through their email and to have a permanent record of the faxes which were received.

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How can I keep up with all the changes in technology and how it affects my business?

You don't have to keep up with all of the changes in technology! That's what Shiloh Service, Inc. can do for you.  We'll keep up with the changes in technology and provide solutions for your business.  Visit www.shilohservice.com or call Shiloh service Inc at 724-863-0190 and ask to speak with one of our friendly sales reps.

Service Area  

Shiloh Service, Inc. provides computer solutions, including network support, computer sales, and computer repair services in the Pittsburgh region.   Our service area includes but is not limited to: Pittsburgh, Monroeville, McKeesport, Greensburg, Jeannette, Irwin, North Huntingdon, Latrobe, Murrysville, Ligonier, and more.  We service the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Somerset, Indiana, Fayette, and Washington.


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