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Computer Systems Consulting

"At Shiloh Service, we know that the only real
answer you want is peace of mind."


Shiloh's Promises To:

  • Give you a free solution recommendation

  • Respond quickly to your request for a price quote

  • Itemize quotations

  • Stay in budget

  • Provide a comprehensive one year on-site warranty


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At Shiloh Service, we listen to you, listen closely, and then work hard to find a solution that is right for your business.  Why is that unusual?  In your experience, you may have found system consultants who simply want to sell you the "special of the day."  If they happen to be a reseller for a certain product line, or have a profitable new offering - that must be the answer to your problem!

We know the needs of a 5 person company are very different from those of a 50 person corporation.  Even when thinking ahead to consider future growth, what's appropriate for one may not be appropriate for the other.

Our strength is in understanding your business processes so that we can:

  • Recommend hardware, software, and networking solutions appropriate to your needs and goals.
  • Support the solution you choose with timely and effective service, including remote monitoring and support.
  • Offer maintenance plans that minimize downtime and unforeseen expense.
  • Provide anti-viral, anti-spam, and anti-spyware solutions that keep your machines running fast!
  • Establish a solid, reliable backup system, capable of taking you from a complete hardware failure to a fully restored computer that looks and feels just like your old one.

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Assisting Your IT Professionals

For many businesses, Shiloh becomes their complete, outsourced IT solution. 

However, we are also available to help established IT departments with special projects, new installs, or to consult on approaches to thorny networking issues.  From establishing Virtual Private Networks and Terminal Services to Exchange email solutions and assistance with Microsoft Access databases, Shiloh personnel have a wide range of experience they can bring to your business on an ad hoc basis.

We know the stresses faced by in-house IT personnel and admire their dedication to keeping your business systems up and running.  We can talk their language and work with them collaboratively, never stepping on toes in pursuit of the solutions you need.

It doesn't cost anything to find out if Shiloh Service is the right solution to your IT Consulting needs.  Contact us today to learn more.


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