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4th Quarter 2017- Shiloh Sound

Software End of Life

Is Your Old Software a Security Risk?

EoL software is often as good as trash.Is your business still relying on software that is no longer supported by the developer?

All software falls out of support eventually. As inconvenient as this may be, it’s an inevitable truth in the tech industry.

Is your business prepared?

Without the support of the developer, you and your software are alone in the dark… no updates, no patches, no support if you encounter issues.

New technologies develop as industries grow and change, and the needs and wants of the public shift. Eventually, software developers shift their efforts to newer releases. As developers quit updating older software, that software becomes more and more vulnerable to compatibility and security issues - making its continued use an unwise practice.

Out-of-date programs are a hacker’s best friend and an easy target for malware and viruses.

It is very important that you and your business are prepared! Don’t continue to rely on software that is falling (or may have already fallen) out of support…

Microsoft Software Reaching End of Support This Year

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As 2017 comes to a close, you may find your business relying on Microsoft software no longer being updated or supported. MS Software and its End of Support date.

  • Windows Vista - April 11, 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 - October 10, 2017
  • Microsoft Office for MAC 2011 - October 10, 2017
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - October 10, 2017
  • Office Live Meeting - December 31, 2017

There are over 50 Microsoft products reaching End of Support by the end of the year. Make sure that essential software used by your business isn’t on the list!

If you need help selecting or transitioning to new software, contact Shiloh Service today!

Proactive IT Monitoring Saves You Money

Are Your IT Systems Running as They Should?

Proactive support can save you thousands of dollars in headachesComplacency when it comes to business IT systems can prove disastrous.

Relying on reactive IT support (only calling a professional when something goes wrong) is similar to skipping routine vehicle maintenance and just waiting for a breakdown before any service is performed.

Reactive IT support costs can be unpredictable - a big risk to take when budgets are tight.

Mechanical failure, viruses/malware, data loss, and security breaches can cause serious downtime – and even worse, can damage your reputation. For any company with a network and multiple work stations, the cost of dealing with a tech emergency could be a financial disaster.

There is insurance – keep your IT systems online and functional with maintenance plans from Shiloh Service!

Proactive maintenance of IT systems can:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Reliability
  • Cut Long-Term Costs

At Shiloh, our Maintenance Plans are geared to keep you running smoothly, securely, and reliably. We believe one monthly payment is better than the panic and unexpected expense of a computer systems failure.

Want to learn more? Call us at 1-888-374-4564. Contact Shiloh Service today, or learn the details of our Basic Maintenance Plan and our Premier Maintenance Plan!

With Shiloh Service Maintenance Plans, your company receives the same quality (or better) parts for your computers, printers, and computer peripherals. In addition, you pay no labor to install the parts or carry your equipment in for repair, since our computer maintenance program provides these services at no additional cost.

Compliance Assessment for Your Business

Does Your Business Meet Your Industry's Requirements?

Are you meeting your compliance requirements?For many industries, there are strict requirements regarding how customer data is handled. Some of these concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • Life Insurance Security
  • Credit Card Security Compliance
  • HiPPA Compliance
  • Threat and Risk Assessments

Thankfully, many companies offer evaluations on your processes to ensure that any lapses in security, data-management/storage, or usage procedure can be addressed before they become an actual problem.

While Shiloh Service does not offer compliance audits, we work with companies undergoing audits or having received a non-compliance report.

Often, the recommendations made by a regulatory compliance consultant involve network upgrades, firewalls, security certificates, network permissions, and a host of IT service adjustments with which Shiloh is exceptionally well positioned to help.

When compliance auditors find issues with your business’s electronic records keeping or network security, call on Shiloh Service at 1-888-374-4564 or Contact Us online. We’re here to help.

35 Years of Personal Computing

It Only Seems Like Forever

A lot has changed in the computing world in the last 35 yearsWhen the IBM PC was introduced in 1982, the age of personal computing was just beginning. There was no Internet, no Cloud, and “Networking” was something you did at a business luncheon.

Within ten short years of the inception of the personal computer, we found ourselves with The World-Wide Web, hard drives, modems, CD-ROMs, GPS, and an ever-growing number of software languages and operating systems.

Today, more than 35 years since the first PC, the face of computer technology has changed dramatically.

Do you remember some of the milestones from the 1990s?

  • 1991 - The first web browser is born. Called WorldWideWeb, it did not support graphics.
  • 1992 - Email becomes a staple of the PC, and within 5 years surpasses “snail mail” in volume.
  • 1993 - Adobe introduces the first universal document format, the PDF.
  • 1994 - JPEGs are introduced and web comes alive with pictures.
  • 1997 - Broadband services are first introduced, but “dial-up” still reigns.
  • 1998 - Google appears, and the search bar becomes a universal tool.
  • 1999 - WiFi allows us to disconnect and go online, cable free!

Today, changes are happening faster than ever before. There are solid-state drives, 3D printing, relational databases, augmented reality, and more.

Managing a business can be complicated enough - let alone trying to keep on top of the constantly-changing tech industry.

Keeping a reliable IT professional at your service will make confronting the dizzying blur of new technology a much simpler and easier-to-manage task. Now, with IT systems proving more powerful than ever, let Shiloh Service help you unlock the true potential of the digital world for the benefit of you and your business.

Contact Shiloh Service today or call us at 1-888-374-4564 to learn more about how we can help you and your business succeed through this ever-changing technology.

Shiloh Service Area

Shiloh Service, Inc. provides computer solutions, including network support, computer sales, and computer repair services in the Pittsburgh region.

Call us at 1-888-374-4564 or contact us today to review your IT systems; we can help arrange your technologies in ways that boost efficiency, minimize risk of downtime, and ensure maximum security.

At Shiloh Service, it’s our job to help your business succeed!

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