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Data DestructionOld Laptop Containing Sensitive Data

Do You Know What's on Your Old Hard Drives?

Tossing away or recycling old computers, tablets, and phones is not as simple as you might think.

Those devices contain valuable information that could be of interest to identity thieves, blackmailers, and even to your competitors.

You may not have booted the device up in years. Perhaps the power button no longer works. Nevertheless, the data on that device is perfectly intact and retrievable.

Information of interest to the bad guys includes:

  • Email addresses and contact information
  • Personal information, including birthdays and social security numbers
  • Passwords and banking/credit card information

Deleting Doesn't Do What You Think it Does

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You may have deleted everything of importance before sending your old machine to recycling. However, deleting doesn’t do what you think it does. Hitting DELETE does not permanently erase information from your computer (even when you empty the Deleted Items folder). It merely marks information as no longer relevant so that the space can be used again when needed.

Even reformatting the hard drive is not absolute.

Digital data has a stubborn way of sticking around. Retrieving it just depends on how much effort the bad guys are willing to put into stealing your information.

And remember, your old computer or phone may include names, addresses, and sensitive data about friends, businesses associates, and employees.

Trust Professionals When Retiring Old Devices

What should you do with old computers, laptops, tablets, and phones? On your own, and if you are confident about doing it safely, it’s a good idea to physically destroy hard disks, sim cards, and flash memory before trusting that valuable data is no longer retrievable.

If you need professional help, call on the data experts at Shiloh Service for advice. When you work with Shiloh, we keep your data secure from the first day to the last. Call us at 1-888-374-4564.

The Summer of Lost Data

Petya Virus Attacks the US and Europe

Petya Computer VirusBy now you know that “ransomware” attacks have been growing over the last few years. Those are the viruses that lockup your computer and then demand that you pay a ransom before getting all or some of your data back.

Since late June, a major cyberattack has been playing out across the Western World, as a new ransomware called Petya follows close on the heels of the “WannaCry” cryptoworm first reported in the spring.

Potentially more dangerous, Petya is a problem because it’s creators failed to get the “ransom” working properly. After demanding that you pay money to get back your own files, Petya peters out. There is no way to make the payment, and you simply lose everything stored on your computer. Well, at least you lose access to the information. A Trojan virus contained inside Petya could successfully steal the usernames on your computer.

Petya was first reported in the Ukraine, where it even took monitoring systems at Chernobyl offline.

How to Protect Yourself from Petya

As with the WannaCry virus earlier in the year, Microsoft has provided fixes which can be downloaded to patch your version of Windows against Petya. If your computer is set to automatically download and install Windows Updates, you are already protected. If not, or if you have doubts or questions, you should contact your IT professional for help.

At Shiloh Service, one of our most important jobs is to protect your computers and your network against cyberattack. Call us at 1-888-374-4564. Don’t wait until “Petya Gets Ya.”

Data Security

Maintaining Control of Your Data

Data SecurityWhether you mistakenly throw out sensitive data with the trash or fall victim to a virus or malware attack that holds you for ransom, the same safeguards apply.

You need to know that your data is secure against theft, damage, and natural disaster, as well as simple human error. Consider three important precautions that should always be taken together:

  • Ongoing Backups
  • Network Security
  • Proactive Maintenance

Ongoing Backups

The same backup system is not right for every company (and saving a few files to a flash drive is not the right backup system for any company).

Backups must be customized to the type and quantity of data you need to protect and to your company’s tolerance for disaster. It’s quite a different thing to say “we will have all of your company software and gigabytes of customer data back up and running by tomorrow,” than it is to say “we can get those few files for you by next week.”

Just because you have a cloud backup service doesn’t mean you can get your business back up and running quickly. It certainly does not mean your software and system settings are being backed up.

And if you rely on local backups, keep in mind that they can be destroyed in the same fire or by the same ransomware as your main system. It takes some expert thought to get the right backups running in the right way for your company.

Network Security

You probably did not leave for work today without locking your doors at home, and you may have activated a security system. The network and computers that run your business need protection too.

From firewalls and strong passwords to limiting certain permissions to Administrative users, how your computers and server are setup (and how they communicate with one another) is critical to data security. Your company’s wireless signal can be hacked from a parked car. If hacking is even necessary (password123 is not an effective deterrent to the bad guys).

Proactive Maintenance

Windows Updates and software patches are released all the time. These fixes are often in direct response to a new piece of malware or a vulnerability found by hackers. It’s critical to download and install these patches, but who has the time to keep track of it all? We do.

At Shiloh Service, that’s our job.

When you choose one of our Monthly Maintenance Packages, Shiloh monitors and maintains your IT infrastructure, constantly making sure that your system is up-to-date, including the latest anti-virus software and security patches.

At Shiloh Service, our business is network security, backups, and system maintenance. Call us at 1-888-374-4564, or visit our Contact Us page today.

Support Ends for Windows Build 1507

Do I Need to Worry About This? 

Windows Creators Update 2017If you use Windows 10, the fate of Build 1507 is important to you.

We could make it sound complicated, but it really just means the original release of Windows 10 is old now (2 years as of July 29th) and needs to be updated with new features and better security.

Of course, Microsoft has said there will be no Windows 10.1, or 10.2, and there are no future plans for Windows 11 and beyond. Windows 10 is the last “named version” of Windows.

But updates and advances keep coming. So, what’s the latest?

Creators Update is the New Version

If you’ve been getting notices about the new Windows 10 Creators Update, you’ll find it contains not only some new features for Windows 10, but enhanced security as well.

  • The new Security Center brings a log of Windows security features together and makes them accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Creators Update brings 3D support into MS Paint, as well as 3D printer support.
  • Microsoft’s Edge Browser now supports 4K Netflix and eBooks.
  • Cortana gains some new voice commands for various apps, including Netflix

To learn more about whether the Windows 10 Creators Update is right for you, give us a call at 1-888-374-4564. Our mission is to help your business get the best out of the services and systems available today.

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