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Ransomware and Backups

Is Your Network Protected?

In today’s digital world, it’s likely you’ve heard the term “ransomware” thrown around.

Ransomware is malicious software that infects your network and encrypts all files, refusing to unencrypt them until the ransom is paid (usually to some crook operating on another continent).

In the first three months of 2016 alone, Americans paid an estimated $209 million dollars to these data-nappers to get their files unencrypted, according to an article by CSO.

These cyber-attacks are perpetrated by clever criminals… they utilize cutting-edge encryption and it is nearly impossible to recover your files unless you pay-up. That is, of course, if you don’t have a reliable system in place to safely and securely back up all your valuable data.

Just last year, in one of the most notorious examples of ransomware, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was taken offline with a reported demand for $3.6 million in ransom. While a much lower ransom was paid, it is nevertheless true that paying the ransom was the only option in what amounted to an emergency where some patients had to be transferred to other hospitals. You can read more on the CSO website about what happened to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

Are Your Backups Safe from Ransomware?

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But before you start thumbing your nose at ransomware because you do have a backup system, beware that if your backup is integral to your network, this malicious software can (and often does) find its way onto every device on the network, encrypting every last spec of data as it goes – including your backups!

Not only could falling victim to a ransomware attack cost you a significant amount of money if you didn’t have adequate backups in place, think of how costly having your entire network taken down for days, even weeks would be…

At Shiloh Service, we have the experience to defend against ransomware targeting your shared network drives and cloud backups, as well the best in anti-virus and malware protection, and the advice you need to keep your employees in-the-know about avoiding malicious traps and tricks.

Check out this thorough article by Recorded Future to learn more about the outlook for ransomware in the year ahead.

Contact Shiloh Service today or call us at 1-888-374-4564 to learn how to securely protect your network from ransomware attacks.

Speeding Up Slow Computers

Does your computer feel slower than it used to? Is it taking forever to boot, launch programs, and load files? These are all common problems faced by PC users.

Don’t be frustrated…

Many factors can cause a computer to slow down over time, or even suddenly.
Too many programs running at once, excessive data-usage, a bad Internet connection, and even a malware infection could be at the root of sluggish performance.

Your computer may simply need a tune-up!

Just as there are a variety of possible causes for computer slowdown, experienced IT professionals have a long checklist of strategies to bring your computer back to life. Just a few of the basics include

  • Eliminating viruses and malware infections.
  • Evaluating load vs capability (are you asking your machine to do more now than it was built to handle?)
  • Adding more RAM memory.
  • Adding a higher capacity hard drive, or a solid state-drive.
  • Reviewing your computer’s background processes and startup programs list.
  • Checking your broadband connection for slowdowns and your web browsers for too many plugins.

Shiloh Service is here to help! We’ve seen more than our share of slow computers, and we know replacing your favorite laptop, desktop, or tablet is not always the answer. Contact Us or call now at 1-888-374-4564.

Windows 7 - Microsoft's Aging Workhorse

Windows 7 will celebrate the eighth anniversary of its release this July.

Like Windows XP before it, Windows 7 has become known as a beloved, stable, and reliable version of Microsoft’s famous Windows Operatiing System.

Today, Windows 7 remains one of the most popular operating systems out there.

Even though Windows has moved through versions 8 and 8.1, now all the way to Windows 10, marketplace demand still exists for Windows 7 machines, largely driven by how familiar Windows 7 it seems to long-time Windows users. (And there are those who miss Windows Media Center, the old music and entertainment application that is no longer available in Windows 10.)

Windows 7 Support ends in 2020

There are still a few years left for all those die-hard Windows 7 fans. January 2020 is the final deadline; after that Microsoft ends all support for the aging operating system. This may give you a flashback to the end of Windows XP, just 3 years ago this April.

While your Windows 7 computers will still operate in 2020 and beyond, keeping them on the Internet will become a risky activity. Once Microsoft updates stop coming, the security vulnerabilities for Windows 7 machines will become greater and greater, making them too big a risk for anything except stand-alone service.

Shiloh Service is here to help keep your Windows 7 systems operating as long and as securely as possible. We know you love them! Contact Us today to learn what we can do to help!

Windows 10 Creators Update

If you’ve been getting notices about the new Windows 10 Creators Update, you may wonder what it’s all about, or if it’s right for you? Well, here are some of the features:

  • Microsoft’s Edge Browser now supports 4K Netflix and eBooks.
  • Another Edge update allows you to save and restore groups of browser tabs.
  • Creators Update brings 3D support into MS Paint, as well as 3D printer support.
  • The new Security Center brings a log of Windows security features together and makes them accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Cortana gains some new voice commands for various apps, including Netflix
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are starting to become a part of our every-day PCs , including support for Microsoft’s new HoloLens headset.

As the name of the update suggests, the Windows 10 Creators Update is focused more on creativity than business concerns.

That said, these are updates to universal Windows functions. Perhaps the most forward looking of these are new 3D integrations that are both here now and on the way to robust development and amazing possibilities in the years ahead.

From the new WebVR standard, where websites will deliver virtual reality experiences to printing 3D objects directly from your computer, Windows is still advancing the state-of-the-art.

To learn more about whether the Windows 10 Creators Update is right for you, give us a call at 1-888-374-4564. Our mission is to help your business get the best out of the services and systems available today.

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