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If Your Passwords Were an Army...

They Would Give Up and Run!

If your password is “(insert dog’s name here)123”… you might just have what’s known as a “weak” password, one so spineless and cowardly it is very easy for internet wrong-doers to crack.

Failing to protect your online assets with strong passwords creates a risk to everyone on your network.

A single weak password is like one lost key, or one guard asleep on duty. Once the bad guys have access to your “Free Games Online,” they keep on looking, probing for more weak points, including related logins and similar passwords.

Many people use an identical or similar password for multiple online accounts. This places you at greater risk should just one of your passwords become compromised. (Because with that first success, they probably learned your mother’s maiden name, your birthday, and other information needed to crack the next password.)

Even if you do have a strong password, you should consider changing it frequently. This helps protect everyone on your network.

How to Keep Up with So Many Passwords?Keeping up with passwords can be hard, let us help!

One of the the most effective ways to ensure a high level of password security is to employ a password vault program. These programs not only remember passwords for you and protect them behind layers of encryption – they also generate high-strength, random passwords for your use.

You are left with one Master Password that opens the vault and gives you access to the many passwords protected inside. (Of course, your Master Password must be kept very secure.)

While there are many password vault programs on the market today, we recommend that you consult with Shiloh Service to learn more about available options and how to protect you and your business from the security risk of weak passwords.

There is No Cloud

It's Just Someone Else's Computer!

Today, the benefits of Cloud Computing allow connected users to share data between all of their personal and business-related devices. The flexibility and capabilities of the Cloud are proving a boon to productivity - but there are some important factors to consider…

When you hear someone talk about the “Cloud,” it simply means you are using someone else’s computer over the Internet.

This remote data access across platforms allows for files and programs to accessed on many different devices and anywhere the Internet is available. Read the first draft of that report on your phone at the bus stop, make a few adjustments to the same report on your tablet before you get to the office, and finish up on your laptop at work. Seamless transition between locations and devices.

Cloud backups mean less panic when any one device is lost or stolen, and cloud computing often lowers the cost of software use compared to traditional computer by computer installations.

Are there Disadvantages to Cloud Computing?

Clouds are a great backup solution, but there can be disadvantages.Cloud computing is not the answer for everyone. No cloud provider can guarantee uninterrupted service, and the effectiveness of all cloud systems depends on having good access to the Internet.

Possible downtime, security issues, the cost of large-scale data transfer, and even poor customer support can be significant issues.

While Cloud Computing has many advantages, it is important to contact an IT consulting firm before adopting cloud-based systems based on their hype and promises alone.

At Shiloh Service, we are here to help with all of your Cloud Computing questions and needs! Contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-374-4564 for more information.

Another Big Year for Con Men

How They Use Your Computer Against You

Let’s face a hard truth… The Internet is still very much a digital version of the “wild west.”

With nearly limitless opportunities in worldwide connectivity and commerce at your fingertips, all accessible anonymously… it’s no wonder that legions of e-crooks make a living out of scamming, conning, and outright stealing from those who fall for their online schemes.

Awareness is paramount in protecting yourself online.

It’s easier than ever for people anywhere in the world to uncover information about you that could potentially be used to instill your confidence and scam you. Be prepared!

Be alert for tax scams!It's Tax (Scam) Season!

Beware calls or emails from “The IRS” stating that this is your last warning on back taxes before action is taken! All they need is your debit card number or access to your bank account to clear it up now, before the police are sent to your home!

You may smile as you read this, but these scams are frequently successful because they can be very convincing.

Another scam involves filing other people’s tax returns using data acquired through Identity Theft. This way the bad guys can acquire fraudulent tax refunds, and cause massive delays in your own refund when your legitimate return arrives in second place.

In 2016 alone the IRS STOPPED over 35,000 fraudulent tax returns, according to an article by The Motley Fool. Practicing good online-security habits, starting with strong passwords, can greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to this kind of scheme.

No, You Didn't Win the Lottery

The old adage: “If it’s too good to be true: it probably isn’t” is as pertinent now as it ever was. Lottery, sweepstakes, and yes, “Nigerian Prince” scams are still frequently successful.

Many of these scams, including newer “employment scams,” which prey on those in search of a job, rely on presenting you with a seemingly amazing opportunity while requesting information or money you to move the process along. There’s always a catch, though… always involving a demand for personal information or money.

Don’t be the next one to fall for a clever online scam!

Avoid becoming a victim! Consult with the Experts at Shiloh Service for advice and assistance in cyber security today! Call us at 1-888-374-4564 or fill out our easy-to-use contact form.

Goodbye, Credit Card Swipes!

Chip readers are the new big thing in payment processing!It is likely that 2017 will see many more businesses accepting the new chip cards. So why the switch… what is wrong with the well-known magnetic strip that has been in service for over 40 years?

As it turns out, as convenient as the “swipe” card is, the reason behind the switch to new EMV, or “chip” cards (which cary an embedded microchip) is all based on better security.

According to an article published by Creditcards.com, counterfeit credit card fraud caused a loss of $7.86 billion worldwide in 2015.

What does this mean?

It means that the traditional magnetic strip cards are extremely easy to duplicate without the knowledge of the cardholder… furthermore, loss on this scale indicates that this happens very frequently.

“Card issuers lost $4.91 billion and merchants lost $2.95 billion to counterfeit card fraud in 2015.” – Creditcards.com

Put simply: EMV cards are far more secure than their magnetic stripped counterparts, and will ultimately replace them completely within the next few years.

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