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1st Quarter 2016- Shiloh Sound

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Network Planning for the New Year

Unexpected Downtime Leads to Business Losses

If your business relies on computers, complacency when it comes to network management is more costly than you might think. Downtime can hit you right in the pocket book!

When your server, computers, and business applications go offline, it can lead to a cascade of related costs. You lose productive labor, miss deadlines, pay for overtime when systems come back up, lose credibility with customers, and that’s all before you get the bill for systems repair.

It’s not just a scary story; it’s math. North American Systems International has come up with a couple of formulas to calculate the average labor lost and lost revenue during computer downtime.

  • Labor Cost = P x E x R x H
  • Lost Revenue = (GR/TH) x I x H

To understand the factors in each formula and try your own calculation, read the article The True Cost of Downtime on the NASI site.
Even if downtime were magically free of costs, managing by panic when computers go down is no way to spend your day. At Shiloh Service, we specialize in keeping your digital world running smoothly.avoid network downtime, it support, it maintenence

Aging Computers Bleed Money Too

Even if your configuration is flawless and everything operates without a hitch, aging equipment could be costing you too.

Slow, inefficient, and outdated computers, servers, and other networking equipment could be robbing you of potential profits in lost time and lack of compatibility with newer, more efficient and effective software.

When you work with Shiloh, we not only keep your machines running, we work to understand your business processes so that we can recommend solutions that improve your workflow and, ultimately, your profitability.

When you choose an IT maintenance plan from Shiloh Service, we work to keep your business safe from network disasters and keep things running without the need for costly emergency repairs.

Learn more about keeping your network rock-solid and find out where there is room to improve: contact Shiloh Service today or call us at 1-888-374-4564.

Windows 10 – Is it Ready… are You?

windows 10, upgrade windows, windows it supportSince the end of July 2015, you’ve probably experienced the persistent offers from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. If you’re one of the many that have been holding out until all of the bugs are worked out, your wait might be almost over.

In our last newsletter, we warned you about the potential risks of installing Windows 10 hot off the presses. Now, with Microsoft having had many months for improvement, it’s looking like Windows 10 is becoming a more appealing option.

New Features in Windows 10

200 million Windows 10 users are taking advantage of:

  • New and improved Start Menu with convenient access to your apps, files, and more
  • Improved photo management allows you to organize, create photo albums, and enhance your photos
  • Advanced Multitasking capabilities , including multiple desktops you can switch between with ease
  • Cortana: Your digital assistant (appearing first on Windows Phone 8.1) is now on your desktop

Additional improvements over older Windows operating systems include:

  • Significantly improved crash-handling and greatly improved compatibility
  • Less memory usage and faster starting as a result
  • Improved security

Microsoft's "Free Updrage" to Windows 10 ends July 29th, 2016. 

To learn more about upgrading to Windows 10 and why it might be time for your business, Contact Us today or give us a call at 1-888-374-4564

iphone vs android, smartphone for business Comparing Apples to Androids

When it comes to smart phones, which system is the better business machine? In this article, we’ll take a look at Apple’s iPhone and smart phones using the competing Android operating system.

Finding the best phone system can be a matter of hot debate. Both the Android operating system and Apple’s IOS have features that make each appealing for specific situations.

  • Android’s keyboard is easier to use and better designed than the iPhone’s
  • Apple’s Spotlight search is superior to Google’s phone search, and Siri understands natural language better than Android
  • Android wins when it comes to managing photos and storing them on the cloud
  • Apple has superior ease-of-use for Contacts and Apple’s FaceTime feature is great for video calls
  • Android wins when it comes to app variety, organization, and useful widgets

When it comes down to it, both phone OS systems are worthy competitors; however, it can be argued that the iPhone comes out on top as the safer and more business like operating system.

Security is probably the biggest win for Apple with the iPhone’s TouchID fingerprint scanner, a highly-secure swipe of the finger gets you into your phone instantly. Many Android devices do have fingerprint scanners, but it is not a standard feature. Furthermore, some Android devices use a “Smart Lock” tool utilizing facial recognition or GPS location, which could pose a security weakness.

Another important consideration is app security. Apple’s App Store is highly regulated… Apple works to ensure that all of the apps available to their customers are free of malware. As for Android, the freedom of app use and download makes it very easy for a user to accidentally download an app containing malware or other harmful software that could prove devastating to your business.

The iPhone also allows for better control of notifications and interruptions, offering easy phone silencing and control over app notifications. In business situations a reliable “Do Not Disturb” can be a blessing.

For even more information, check out the iPhone vs. Android article on CNN Money for a thorough head-to-head comparison on the performance of the two devices.

The debate goes on, and neither side is standing still. What we can expect out of the years ahead are superior phones, operating systems, and apps on both sides. Certainly having two great systems to choose from is a boon both for businesses and everyday users.

If you need help with your business iPhone or Android phones, contact Shiloh Service. We’re here to help you with all of your technology needs.

Electronic Payments get Easier

electronic payment, internet pay, ecommerceThe year has just begun but it’s already shaping up into a big year for e-commerce.

While cash won’t be disappearing from daily life anytime soon, the convenience and reliability of a handful of bills is gradually working its way into your smart phone.

Payments are now easier than ever

Thanks to new systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and many other smaller-scale mobile payment options, making payments can be as easy as holding the back of your phone against a contactless payment terminal.

But will people adopt the new technology?

Consumers like choice and ease of use, and while paying with your smart phone is getting easier, not every innovation catches fire. When you can replace your wallet with your phone, will you?

Two roadblocks to widespread adoption are transaction security and increasing the number of merchants who support phone-based point of sale. Where people are used to the threat represented by credit card theft, phone security remains an unknown in their personal and collective experience.

Of course, times will change. Hundreds of thousands of merchants are already adopting the NFC (Near Field Communications) payment systems necessary to make phone payments work, and Apple is leading the way in providing secure transaction methods that, ultimately, will put credit cards to shame (you can even lock or erase your device remotely should it be stolen).

Security in online transactions is now mandatory

In our last newsletter, we outlined the fact that PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance became mandatory in 2015 for all businesses that process credit card information, including mobile payment solutions.

With these new laws in effect to ensure the secure handling of customers’ credit card information, public trust in electronic payment is on the rise.

While Shiloh is not a PCI compliance consultant, we often work closely with credit card processing providers, delivering whatever equipment or software is needed for our customers to meet the latest compliance standards.

First, seek advice from your credit card processor, then contact Shiloh for any needed hardware or software upgrades so that your business to can take advantage of the latest forms of electronic payment.

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