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2nd Quarter 2015- Shiloh Sound

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How Interactive Viruses Trick You

Viruses do not always sneak in under the radar to infect your computer. Often, they rely on your help to do their damage. In this article we’ll talk about receiving emails that alert you to an award you’ve won, a delivery waiting for you, or a message from your bank.

And what about those pop-up windows that declare your computer is already infected and you need to do something about it right now? With computers being more secure than ever before, the best way for the bad guys to get you, is to enlist your help in destroying your computer by tricking you into pressing the buttons and providing the information that does the damage.

Viruses That Make You Do the Work

It’s no lie that the latest antivirus and firewall software is better than ever at keeping your computer and valuable information secure from threats on the web. You and your PC are far from safe, though. As security technology has moved forward, so have the techniques that the bad guys are using to attack your computer, many of which involve your direct participation in installing malicious software onto your computer.

Think Before You Click

You have the power to protect yourself from many threats to your computer and the valuable information contained within by familiarizing yourself with these dangers and not falling for the bad guy’s tricks. Being on alert for suspicious links on websites, pop-ups that are not from your antivirus software claiming that they have detected an infection on your computer, and emails that appear to be from a source that you would normally trust making unusual requests of you is an important part of online security.

Phishing Scams can Steal Your Money and Identity

One of the more common ways of making you do the work in stealing your personal information today is known as a “Phishing Scam.” A scammer will lure victims into submitting personal information to them by posing as a legitimate entity, taking any information that they successfully obtain and using it for purposes of identity theft, financial theft, and fraud.

For example: You receive an email which appears to be from your credit card company claiming that your account has been compromised. They go on to explain how you need to submit information, such as your credit card number, website logins, or even your social security number for the purposes of validating or securing your account.

Falling for a scam like this could cost you big time; learn more about spotting and reporting phishing scams on Microsoft's website.

However, if you have become a victim of a virus or scam, call on Shiloh Service. At Shiloh, we are second to none when it comes to experienced virus remediation. We can even train your staff how to watch out for viruses and avoid the tricks and traps that are becoming more clever each day.
Don’t hesitate, call us today at 1-888-374-4564, or complete our easy-to-use contact form.

Windows 10 is Coming This Year

windows ten 10 release information dateWhat will it mean to business, and should you be an early adopter? Microsoft continues its march toward a unified Operating System that works across all of our devices, from PC to Tablet to Phone. With over 7,000 planned improvements over older Windows operating systems, Windows 10 certainly would appear at the surface to have considerable improvements over older versions.

Scheduled for launch in late 2015, Windows 10 is set to be the most user friendly, versatile, and capable windows to date. With features like peer-to-peer networking capabilities between Windows 10 users, and highly streamlined app multitasking capabilities, and plug-and-play friendly device management, Windows 10 is set to be a boon to productivity and play.

The highly customizable interface allows users to choose from classic and familiar windows layouts or the new start screen with live, running apps as tiles. Not only are you able to choose from classic Windows themes, but the start menu is back – an aggravating omission from Windows 8 for many users comfortable with the classic windows layout.

Compatibility was also a major consideration that went into the design of the new windows. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will be compatible with nearly all accessories that you could choose to use.

Contact us today or view the official about page on Microsoft’s website to keep up to date on the release of Windows 10.

Choosing the Right IT Company

It’s easy to get sidetracked looking for the best deal instead of the best value. Our competitor may sell a cheaper computer, but will they support it three years from now? Will they even be in business three years from now? When a problem happens, do they login to fix it immediately or schedule someone to stop by next week? Do they know how to solve problems at all, or are their qualifications somewhat questionable?

Are they pro-active or reactive when it comes to monitoring your network and your workstations? How quickly can they get you back up and running in the event of a server failure? Are they willing to learn your business processes and recommend the right setup to keep your business moving?

Shiloh Service has been around since 1971 and is dedicated to working as your partner in success; that’s a value you just can’t get in the bargain basement of IT support.  Don't hesitate, contact us today!

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