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4th Quarter 2014 - December Issue

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HP Multifunction Printers

Virtually every office on the planet is familiar with the big plastic whale in the room: the copier / fax machine. Since the first commercial office copier was released in 1959 it has been an indispensable part of any workplace toolset. But, after 55 years your average copier is outdated, clunky, and just won't keep up with today's fast-paced lifestyle - that's where the HP Multifunction Printer comes in. Why HP? Four reasons: capability, durability, speed, and cost.


Capability is the number one reason you buy anything, right? There's no sense in owning a product that won't do the job.

HP laser printers will do the job time and time again, and they'll do plenty more. The print and scan quality on all HP printers is on par with (if not better than) most entry level copiers.

In addition to being a high end print, scan, fax, and copy solution, HP printers can take a scan and send it directly to your email. All HP printers currently in production have networking options so that the whole office can run on 1 or 2 machines, be it through ethernet or wireless. Most business level models will also print front, back, or double-sided with no fuss. They'll even print documents wirelessly from your smartphone with Apple AirPrint or Google CloudPrint.


HP products are made to last with rigid construction and precision parts; no more jammed papers or indistinguishable error messages. The best HP commercial models such as the Laserjet Pro 500 even have a monthly duty load of up to 80,000 pages. If you're running off more copies than that, you need to be considering a full-blown printing press instead!Check out an HP Multifunction Printer today!


The highest-end copiers on the market currently max out at around 35 pages per minute, and that's pretty impressive. Now, the HP Laserjet Pro 500 will only do 31, but costs $4,200 less than the equivalent Xerox, for example. Do those extra 4 pages a minute really warrant an extra thousand dollars each? We think not.


A printer can have all the bells and whistles under the sun; but they don't mean anything if the price isn't right. At around $2,000, the cost of even a high-end laser printer is still typically lower than that of a low-end copier these days, but beyond the obvious introductory cost, you also have to consider your cost per page. With a toner cartridge capacity of around 11,000 pages, an average HP laser printer works out to about a penny per black and white copy and only two pennies per color copy!

At Shiloh Service we recently replaced our old $4,000 copier with an HP Multifunction that cost just under $2,000 and we loved it so much that we bought 2 more!

With their ever-evolving line of multifunction printers, HP is simply leaving old office tech in the dust. They're quick, reliable, cheap, and have a slew of productivity-increasing features. Best of all, Shiloh can always service or set yours up for you!

Give us a call at 1-888-374-4564, or fill out our simple and quick contact form today.

Shiloh's Cloud Backup Service

With your critical files secure on our servers, you can rest easy.Here by popular demand, Shiloh Service now offers our own cloud-based backup service, meeting the highest level service standards as only Shiloh can!

For years, Shiloh has helped customers manage offsite, over-the-web backups by such industry leaders as Mozy Pro and Carbonite. After gaining a wide range of experience in which aspects of these “big box” services worked for our own clients and which didn’t, Shiloh has implemented an in-house solution sure to work for you.

Shiloh’s fully-automated cloud backups offer all the convenience you would expect, along with the assurance of Shiloh directly maintaining and servicing your backups for you!

We offer fully customized backup packages at affordable prices to ensure you’re not breaking the bank just to safeguard your data.

While cloud storage is perfect for critical user files, Shiloh continues to recommend keeping hard drive backups for emergency restores or workstation failures. In the event of a real emergency, time can be critical, and restores/rebuilds from an on-site backup drive will always be faster than recalling a massive data cache from the cloud.

Having both hard drive and cloud-based backups covers all bases in the game of data security, because when it comes to preventing data loss, redundancy is key. Which is why we’ll say it again; when it comes to preventing data loss, redundancy is key. So call us today at 1-888-374-4564 (call twice if you want to, we don’t mind!)

Labtech Remote Assistance

Convenient and quick remote assistance is the way of the future!When it comes to computer troubleshooting, in the past you had only two options: look up the
answer online for yourself or wait for a qualified technician to arrive at your door.

If you’re like most people, troubleshooting on your own can be the worst part of your day, and waiting for computer support feels like “waiting for the cable guy.”

Fear not! Shiloh has teamed up with Labtech RMM, and now we’re bringing the repairs to you instantly!

In addition to our friendly, on-site visits, we now offer remote assistance for just about any computer issues you can imagine, and some that you can’t. Our in-house Shiloh technicians can even remote into computers that are blue-screened or locked-up, all without you so much as having to answer the door and let us in.

Best of all, Labtech’s RMM software allows us to be proactive in maintaining your computers from a distance. We can check your computer’s health and update it remotely, in the background, and all without disturbing you. Our technicians can identify, audit and manage your workstations, servers, printers and routers without leaving our office.

To learn more, contact Shiloh Service today at 1-888-374-4564, or use our easy-to-complete contact form today.

Our remote support ensures that your problem is resolved in a flash, because we know our customers can’t afford to wait when it comes to keeping their computers up and running.

Can I Still Use Windows XP?

Call Shiloh for all your XP needs!Like the passing of a beloved friend or respected colleague, Microsoft’s announcement that
they would end support of Windows XP on April 8, 2014 sent shockwaves of grief through the tech community and ordinary users alike.

Alas, nothing so sweet could last forever. Now, seven months after the death-knell of XP support, we’ll be investigating whether XP has also reached the end of its usability.

At the risk of spoiling the question asked in the title, yes, you can continue to use XP, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. In fact, it could be risky.

Is Failure Already Impending?

The first and most obvious factor is the current physical health of the machine. If you’re running an XP rig with swollen capacitors on the motherboard and a ticking hard drive, by no means should you spend more time or effort trying to keep it hanging on. Get your data secured quickly and upgrade before that thing becomes a total loss!

If, on the other hand, your XP machine has maintained a clean bill of health, you may still use it on a special case basis. Since it can no longer be adequately protected against hackers and viruses; however, keep it off the Internet and away from your Network.

Can My Machine(s) Stand up to Current / Future Rigors?

Consider that XP can’t learn any new tricks. You need to take a serious look at any programs or peripherals your XP machine may need in the near future and their minimum / recommended hardware requirements.

Running something like Adobe Photoshop CS6 on a 2001 Dell Inspiron with a 1.5 Ghz CPU and 1.5 gb of RAM just isn’t going to cut it. You could upgrade that machine; but when you add the cost of a new CPU, possibly a new motherboard (depending on what socket set is needed), along with a RAM upgrade, this option looks much less feasible.

Sadly, you’ll run into the same problem with new anti-virus programs, web browsers, printers, and software of all kinds and stripes. They just won’t work on XP.

Can I Stay With XP While Also Protecting Myself and My Clientele?

When it comes to running Windows XP in 2015 and beyond, the most important factor is security.

The biggest risk to your unsupported XP machines is that new coding holes found by hackers and cyber criminals are no longer remedied through simple windows updates or AV scans.

You have to disconnect your aging XPs from the Internet and your network, and you have to do it now!

While this solution may work for PC’s being used in proprietary setups such as CNC machining or tanning bed control, we understand that not all computers can simply have their Ethernet cable pulled.

If you absolutely need XP, even at the expense of buying a new machine, software does exist to allow you to emulate an XP environment inside of a different operating system, and Windows 7 Ultimate even has a built-in XP compatibility function. Even so, you must ensure that you’ve got a proper firewall and effective anti-virus software. Some trusted companies who are supporting XP for the foreseeable future though include Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, and Panda.

Another essential security tip is to use a secure browser. On an aging machine we highly recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer. And remember, for any of your needs stabilizing old systems and upgrading, or setting up and migrating data to new systems, Shiloh is always here for you.

To learn more, call us at 1-888-374-4564, or use our contact form today.

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