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4th Quarter 2012 - November Issue

Shiloh Service New WebsiteShiloh's New Website

On November 15, Shiloh launched our new website. We encourage you to take a look at www.ShilohService.com.

Just as we improve our service skills each year, upgrade staff training, and make sure Shiloh remains on the cutting edge of computer services, we also strive to stay a step ahead in representing ourselves on the web.

For example, on our new home page you’ll find a Remote IT Support icon. Having computer or network trouble? Call Shiloh then login to our Remote IT Support system. We’ll troubleshoot your computer problem remotely.

Remote Support from Shiloh ServiceLong waits for a technician to arrive on-site are a thing of the past.

I Didn't Know That!

With our new easy to use menu, you may find services you didn’t know Shiloh provided, like our Free Business Needs Computing Analysis.

Shiloh provides a complete audit of all your company’s computerized functions. It includes specific network support, hardware, and computer software recommendations. Our goal is to make your business processes run smoothly and reliably, avoiding costly downtime when outdated systems go haywire.

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Or did you know Shiloh can be your complete IT department? From sales and support to complex problem solving and network design, Shiloh is your partner in establishing and maintaining the computer systems you need to keep your company on the move.

Services include a variety of reliable backup solutions, protecting you from hard drive failure, equipment theft, and natural disasters. We even offer a Free 30 Day Trial of Remote Monitoring Software, designed to assure timely installation of all patches and service packs, save on deployment of new software installations and updates, and keep expensive downtime and on-site service visits to a minimum. 

Timely Newsletters

Our new website also serves as an archive for our quarterly newsletter, the Shiloh Sound.

Each quarter Shiloh answers timely questions and makes you aware of systems and services you may not have considered, but which may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Interested in learning more? Contact Shiloh Service today!

Pass Us On

If you’re already a fan of Shiloh Service and you know a business owner who’s constantly complaining about computer troubles, IT, and network issues, pass on a link to our new website - www.ShilohService.com. It’s a great way to show your thanks for the dedicated support we provide for your business every day.


Windows 8 - Is  It Really Something New?

Windows 8Is it already time for a new version of Windows? It wasn’t so long ago you were worrying about upgrading from XP to Vista. Now even Windows 7 is bowing to the arrival of something new.

What’s the rush? It’s all the fault of iPads, Tablets, Kindles, Nooks, and the like. In the last couple of years, Microsoft has seen the writing on the wall that there will be less and less space for the traditional desktop computer in the homes and offices of the near future.

Windows 8 is a radical new design, meant to be the software that runs the mobile computing platforms of choice in the years ahead. One example is Microsoft’s Surface tablet, a slick and colorful device that also packs a lot of computing power into a small, handheld package. Where mobile devices are typically great at providing entertainment platforms, the Surface not only brings you the web, movies, and more in high definition, it offers a productivity platform that rivals the typical laptop.

Of course, Windows 8 is not only for mobile devices. Microsoft has worked to design a “cross platform” solution that will unify your experience from desktop to laptop to mobile device.

The result certainly comes across with a colorful, modern look. Bright tiles have replaced the old desktop icons. At its heart, the new system is meant to be “touch sensitive,” responding to the way tablets work and even newer computer monitors which allow for direct finger to screen interaction.

So far the reviews are a little mixed. For long-time Windows users, the new way of doing things can take some getting used to. Depending on the applications you use, you may have some relearning to do, and it may take a week or so to gain comfort and familiarity with the new system.

If you’re wondering if you need to be an early adopter, the answer is probably no. At least not today. But with tablets and mobile devices quickly taking over the computer world, Microsoft expects the pressure for change to come from the bottom up, with employees falling in love with the ease, portability, and power of the new devices first before coming to work with the plea “why can’t we be using Windows 8?”

Outsourced IT & IT Consulting

Computer SupportThese days, “outsourcing” has a bad name. Just saying the word conjures up images of American jobs being shipped overseas and of customer service reps with bad accents. At Shiloh, when we talk about outsourcing your IT needs, we mean “hey, don’t sweat it. Our staff can help you solve those problems today.”

Most small businesses simply don’t have staff dedicated to keeping your computers running, troubleshooting network problems, and making sure everything is secure and up to date. Even when one or two “computer savvy” personnel are assigned to handle IT issues on the side, they can often be overwhelmed or out of their depth.

When things get out of hand, you call for professional help, but “outsourced IT and consulting” means something more. What if we just kept things running smoothly from square one? Outsourced IT means:

  • Working with you to set up the network and computer infrastructure best suited to your business
  • Monitoring and servicing your system so it is always up-to-date and secure
  • Putting backup and disaster recovery plans in place, assuring you will always have peace of mind that no data loss can destroy the business you are building every day

Contact us today to learn how Shiloh Service can be your outsourced IT department, including how our Basic and Premier service plans keep your computer systems running smoothly.

New Project Development

In addition to establishing and maintaining basic computer networks, Shiloh is always available for the development of special projects. From Microsoft Exchange email services and Virtual Private Networks to MS Access database development, Shiloh is available to consult on special projects and to recommend solutions to any of your IT challenges. Contact Shiloh today to learn more.


Google Plus Search ResultGoogle+

Google+ is the search engine giant’s answer to Facebook. “So what?” you may ask. “Whoever heard of Google+?”

Ahh, but Google isn’t just playing catch up. What Google+ can do that Facebook can’t is help your business show up in Google’s search results. Now that should have your attention!

Having a Google+ page is similar to having a Facebook page for your business. You can upload pictures, write in service and product descriptions, read reviews people are leaving and answer them as needed. These days, Google knows where a searcher is geographically when they search, and if you have a Google+ page, Google will know you as a local business and consider matching up your Google+ page with a search in your area.

In the image provided at right, a search for “heating and air-conditioning” services brings up 3 Google+ pages (red dots are ours for emphasis).

Bottom line, having a Google+ page for your business provides another opportunity to show up in local searches for your products and services. And it’s free!

Get started today. Sign up for Google+ for business at the following link http://www.google.com/+/business/


Do You Need a Virtual Private Network?

Network including VPN connectionsYou know the idea of a network. Your desktop or laptop connects to a main “server” that keeps everything in one place. Everyone accesses the same storage area, shares the same printers and peripherals, and your files, records, and resources don’t get lost across multiple machines.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the same, but uses the Internet to make the connection between you and the server. Just that difference opens up a world of possibilities. Now, offices in different physical locations can share the same data and work collaboratively on the same files. Staff can be productive when away from the office, traveling, or at home.

Is it safe? Yes. A properly established VPN uses data encryption and secure logins that keep your network safe and allow only authorized machines and permitted personnel to connect up. The only weak link in a VPN is the speed of the broadband service at either end of the equation. You could be on vacation at the beach, and if your laptop has a wireless card with a strong signal, you’re golden, sitting in an office with a wide open view, sand, sun, and ocean breezes. But a bad DSL connection, even if you’re just in building next door, and you could be in for a frustrating afternoon.

For most businesses, a VPN can eliminate one or more frustrating situations, paying for itself through increased productivity, faster turnaround, and more responsive customer service. It’s the “work anywhere” connection.

Need to learn more? Contact Shiloh Service today.

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