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Zero - Day Exploits


You will hear more about “Zero-Day” attacks in the future and it will not be good news. Imagine if creator of a virus or other harmful software not only found a weakness in Microsoft Windows, but found it before anyone else. They launch an attack before a single defense can be organized. It is Zero Day.

Ordinarily, security weaknesses are found as a result of exhaustive testing and patches and updates are made available over the Internet. That is why Windows XP is so often telling you that “updates are available,” or your computer may be set to handle the whole thing automatically. Anti-Virus programs such as Norton and McAfee too are dependent upon constant updates from their manufacturer to keep you protected against the latest threats.

Today, virus writers are beginning to get the jump on everyone and create threats against which there are no or few defenses. “Zero Day” refers to getting the virus out and past a weakness before there is time to react.

It’s not just a theory. In late December, Microsoft admitted Zero Day attacks were being made by through a previously unknown weakness in the graphics rendering engine of Windows. This Windows Meta File (WMF) attack was even used by elements in China to attack British Government computers over the Christmas holidays. We were all vulnerable.

Microsoft released a patch on January 5th, after first announcing no fix would be available until January 10th. Unless your computer has been fully updated from Microsoft’s site, it remains open to this threat and others.

The cold chill of a successful Zero Day attack is that nothing will have stopped it from infecting your systems, stealing valuable data, or grinding your network to a halt. Waiting weeks for Microsoft to figure out what happened does not seem to be an option.

It is more important than ever that we make certain our systems acquire and install the latest updates, and then to be ready to respond with strong virus remediation should something sneak past our defenses. Shiloh’s Premier Service Plan has you covered. To learn more about Shiloh’s Premier Service Plan, call us at 724-863-0190, or visit the following link: www.shilohservice.com/services-premier.

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