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Workstation Backups


Computers have become so reliable, we often forget about the need for backups and underestimate the inconvenience of losing data.  A virus deletes some files on Joe’s machine; Susan accidentally erases the contract she has worked on for days; random fate corrupts your Outlook database of contacts and appointments.

Few people realize that retrieving the lost data from the main network backup can be a time consuming hassle. And what if the lost file was created today, before the nightly backup?

Now there are devices that bridge the gap, supplementing your main network backup with immediate workstation security, creating backup copies of your files even as you save them, backups that can be easily retrieved by any employee with basic computer skills. Downtime and hassle, even for simple problems, is a thing of the past.

Seagate Backup PlusShiloh Service Recommends:

In 2012, the old standbys of Iomega and Maxtor have disappeared from the marketplace.  In their place comes Seagate with the Backup Plus family of external drives that lets you protect everything in your digital life and manage it all from a single, intuitive dashboard.  And they work super fast!

With Backup Plus you can:

  • Choose from two easy backup options for what’s important to you
  • Share multiple media files on networks like Facebook and Flickr
  • Save the photos you’ve shared online automatically
  • Upgrade your connection in a snap with swappable upgrade adapters

The Backup Plus systems range from under $150 to under $200 and boast up to 4 Terabytes of storage space.  (The first 1 terabyte drive was introduced in 2007 for around $400!)

How do I know which backup solution is best?

Backing up data and being able to retrieve it quickly and easily are two different things. In case of disaster, a good backup and recovery strategy is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are concerned about an individual workstation or the contents of your entire network, Shiloh Service can assist you in developing sound backup policies and in choosing the right equipment for the job. Call 724-863-0190 and just hit “0” and ask to speak to your account manager.



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