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Zeta FaxZetafax by Equisys

The ability to send and receive faxes remains a standard business tool. Even in the age of email, it shows no signs of dying out. Traditional fax technology provides immediate point-to-point transmission, not just of text, but also of handwritten notes and drawings. Fax machines are easy to use and provide feedback that the fax was successfully received.

In short, faxing is simple and reliable. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a product that gave you the ease of faxing from your computer?  Now there is: Zetafax by Equisys.

No ordinary faxing software, Zetafax allows you to send faxes from within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (as well as Corel’s WordPerfect 10). Simply click the “Send Zetafax” button. You can even send multiple documents from different applications as a single fax. Documents that are sent regularly, such as company brochures, can be scanned and stored in fax format, ready to send at a moment’s notice. Or you can fax directly from a scanner.

Faxes can be delivered to an administrator, to individual users, to departments, or to network printers. Users can even choose to receive faxes directly into Microsoft Outlook, just like an email. Both fax and email are essential components of your corporate communications; now Zetafax brings them seamlessly together. Send faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook, quickly selecting coversheet, letterhead, priority, and even scheduling the fax transmission.

With its add on API toolkit, Zetafax allows faxes to be sent automatically by other programs, such as databases.

Zetafax integrates with your networked PCs via the Zetafax server, which is connected to a fax modem or intelligent fax board. This allows any LAN user to send faxes at the click of a button. The technology is flexible and will adapt and expand as your business and communication needs grow. Available for as few as 5 users, to as many as 100 and more (unlimited), Zetafax can increase connectivity and enhance communication throughout your organization and beyond.  

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