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Viruses, Viruses Everywhere


Symantec EndpointComputer viruses are able to do everything from emailing your financials to whomever they please to erasing hard drives on a whim. And now the engineers of these troublesome programs are finding new ways to bring your network down. According to the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, there is evidence that “tens of thousands of systems have been compromised” by viruses transmitted over Internet chat and Instant Messaging services such as AOL’s Instant Messenger and ICQ.

You can learn more about Viruses today by reading The malware numbers game: how many viruses are out there? on ZDnet.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

While indispensable, firewalls and intrusion detectors are not enough. With the legion of rapidly spreading, destructive viruses growing daily, your computers require complete virus protection at both the network server and workstation levels.

It’s Friday afternoon and your staff is working hard toward a critical deadline. Suddenly, the W32.Bugbear@mm virus strikes. It terminates your antivirus and firewall programs, opens a backdoor for hackers to come in, and begins a mass mailing routine that chokes your network bandwidth and shuts you down. No one can tell when your network will be up and running again.

Symantec Endpoint provides the best available multi-platform protection at both the network and workstation levels. Best of all, Symantec Endpoint now includes the new Symantec Insight technology.

Symantec Insight is the only system in the world that tracks the age, prevalence and security rating of nearly every program file on the internet.

Because Insight knows what files are new or changed, it takes away the most important advantage of cyber-criminals, their ability to generate millions of unique threats, and turns it against them.

Real Time SONAR 3: Replacing Symantec’s TruScan technology, this version of SONAR examines programs as they run, identifying and stopping malicious behavior even of new and previously unknown threats.

To learn more, visit the Endpoint Protection page on Symantec's website.

At Shiloh Service, we have decades of experience working with Symantec and Norton anti-viral products (working with them almost from their inception), and we can recommend the right product for your business and then make sure it is installed and working correctly.

To learn more, contact us today.  We're ready to help you keep virus free.



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