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Adobe AcrobatWhat's a PDF file and How do Your Make Them?

Has someone emailed you a spreadsheet, brochure, or document you cannot open? Do they complain the files you send are in the wrong format? There is a solution.

Almost every type of file imaginable, from a document to a spreadsheet, from a picture to a Publisher file can be transformed into a PDF format.  A PDF file is universal.  It can be read on any computer, whether PC or MAC, and viewed on many devices, from tablets to smartphones.  All you need to read a PDF file is the free Adobe Reader available from Adobe.

But how do you make a PDF?  There are a variety of programs that allow you to change files into PDF format.  Here are just a few.

Note: in all cases, PDFs are meant to be easy to access and read across all types of computers and devices; they are not meant to replace the original documents and the software that made them, and they cannot be edited as original documents can.

Shiloh Service recommends Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Shiloh recommends Adobe Acrobat.  Why?  While the other programs are fine for some basic conversions, Adobe invented this process and their software is always at the top of the line.  With Acrobat, you can make forms that can be filled out online, documents that are secure and cannot be changed, contracts that can be electronically signed, and more.

With Acrobat Pro, you can convert any document, spreadsheet, brochure, or business plan into a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDFs maintain the exact layout and look you intended, including all fonts, links, and images. PDFs are small, often smaller than Zipped files of the same material, making transmission over a network or via email a breeze. And PDFs can be used across a broad range of hardware. Best of all, the portion of the software needed to read PDF files is free, and can be downloaded from www.adobe.com. There’s no need to send a file in the “wrong format” again.  

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