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Microsoft Access – Custom Development Training Seminar


TrainingBy trial and error, you’ve designed a simple table, but creating a query, or making a useful form seems just out of reach. You know the data is there: who your best customers are and more, but after hours of clicking around Access, you’re about to give up.

Basic Word and Excel functions can often be picked up with a little menu surfing, but Access, with its maze of features and advanced capabilities, proves a different animal, and one that can be difficult to tame.

Access Training You Can Use

Shiloh Service offers the Access training you need. With over thirty years experience bringing computer services to the tri-state area, Shiloh can teach you the secrets of Access database and query design. Master forms, reports, and the Switchboard Manager, which can make navigating between your forms and reports a breeze.

A two-day course, Shiloh’s Custom Development Training Seminar is practical. Its goal is to provide students with working applications, a query, form, or report that can be taken back to the office and used for direct results. Students are encouraged to bring Access applications they have been working to develop.

Classes are small, from three to six people, so that you receive the individual attention you need. While classes focus on developing practical solutions, the basics are covered as well. In the first six-hour training session, learn Database & Query Design. On the second day, cover Forms, Reports, and the Switchboard Manager. This two-day seminar provides the skills and confidence you need to turn Access from a frustrating program into a useful tool.

 For more information on scheduling Access training for your company, call Shiloh at (724) 863-0190 x105. When registering, please provide information about the Access application you wish to develop, as this will allow the best preparation in making our seminar a success for you!

In addition to offering Access training, Shiloh can aid your company in completing any Access project that requires that extra attention Shiloh Service’s expertise can provide.  


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